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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss Ada Emillia From Venezuela Investor Seeking for Fund Manager

Advanced fee fraud, originating from (Mir Telematiki Ltd, Russia) via ( Reply-To address is

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dr. Mrs Ada Emillia <>
Date: 11 June 2012 00:00
Subject: Miss Ada Emillia From Venezuela Investor Seeking for Fund Manager

More About me.  My name is Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia Ahmed Bin  Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Diko Bin, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. ,My late Husband was Financial adviser and business associate with Mr.Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi that deals in Crude Oil lifting, Gold Dust/Bars situated in Tripoli-Libya. I was married with 6 kids,two boys and four girl.I lost my two daughters during Libya War last year. it was a terribly situation for me and my Family Right now in the desert.
My late Husband served together in the Libyan  Revolutionary Army with the former late president of Libya,late Connel  Muamar Gaddafi, based on the cordial relationship with my late father when they were serving togather as Soldiers.Immediately the war to unseat Gaddafi started, he appointed my late husband as his Campaign Director to go across all Libya ,North Africa and Middle East, to convince every Libya citizen and friends to vote him back as a civilian President. Late Muamar Gaddafi brought out ($240.Millions dollars) to be used in realizing his dream to come back as a civilian president in Libya which he used my husband name as the beneficiary to move out the fund out of Libyan Central Bank and 125 Kilos of  Gold Bar. But unfortunately both of them could not survive the civil war, there is no way the money could be taken back to the Central Bank of Libya since am the only one that knows about this transaction and my husbands name stands a s the beneficiar y. Hence I have
Right now I am  looking for a trustworthy and reliable person who will assist to receive the sum of ($20.million dollars to $240Million) in your country for investment. The money is clean and pure cash.  What I want is for an investor who can assist to receive and secure the amount in your country for proper investment of the fund.
Once I receive your mail indicating your genuine interest to partner with me in all honesty and trust, I will then furnish you further on how we can bring in the said amount that has been moved out of Libya completely country to your country, Again you must make sure you keep this confidentiality that this requires including the picture must be kept a top secret, as the new government in Libya is now clamping down on all the associates of late President Muamar Gaddafi  currently i am on hiding but will let you know where i am as we progress genuinely.
Best Regards,
Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia
Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated,
1...Do you have the Ability to help us handle the fund?
2.. Do your account have the ability to accommodate the fund?
3.. The fund is completely out of Libya?
4.. What is your nationality?
5.. What is your position in your company?
6.. What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
7.. Have you received money overseas before?
8.. What is full name
9.. What is your phone and mobile.
10..Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar?
11.. Do you know any buyer who can travel down to where the Gold is lodged to enable him see, pick up sample straight to the refinery to confirm the purity before discussing on the affordable price to be given.
12.. The quantity is valued 125 Kilos Gold Bar which was moulded in A kilos each.

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