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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Make Them Fall In Love With Buying From You (with this)

This spammer starts off with "I'll be strait forward and short today", but unfortunately doesn't go on to admit that he is a bottom-feeding spammer who sends scammy sales pitches to spamtraps. 

It's unlikely that Mr Oskarsson is sending this, the spam comes from in India and the link in the email goes to the same IP, and Teddy Oskarsson lives in Sweden.

From:     Teddy Oskarsson []
Date:     5 February 2013 23:16
Subject:     Make Them Fall In Love With Buying From You (with this)

I'll be strait forward and short today....

If you're wasting time, wandering around,
struggling to make a sale or two in your

I'm about to SHOW YOU 3 things
anyone can do that will get people to
fall in love with joining your business
and buying stuff from you.

And these three things have worked
for people with a list, without a list
.....and even clueless newbies.

You'll love it - I promise you :-)

Here's The Exclusive Video You Want:

- Teddy Oskarsson
The New Age Networker

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