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Wednesday, November 13, 2013 is not accurate

This "business leads" email is sent to a spamtrap. You can pretty much guarantee that this is a scam. Originating IP is (Convergence Technologies, India) via (Endurance International Group, US).

From:     Tanya []
Date:     12 November 2013 19:38
Subject:     Important Business Contacts


My name is Tanya, from Accurate Business Leads. I hope you are the decision maker for these kinds of activities for your company, or if you feel I should contact somebody else for lead generation, Database, etc please forward this email to the right person.

We are not only limited to USA market, we can get you the data for other countries as well i.e. Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc

Our Services Includes: Opt-In email lists, telephone appends, address verification, Tele-Marketing Lists (DNC Scrubbed), Direct Mail Lists for Businesses or Consumers.

Title Specific Lists: C-level, All Key decision makers, HR Executives, Marketing Executives, IT Executives, Finance Executives, Healthcare Executives, etc

Please send me your target audience and geographical area, So that I can send you few sample records, which will be at no cost on you, can check our database accuracy.
We can help with CUSTOM built lists as per you specific requirement.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

Marketing Manager| Accurate Business Leads

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Atlantics Post fake job offer

This fake job offer is recruiting for money mules and other illegal activities. Originating IP is in Serbia.

From:     Atlantics Post []
Date:     12 November 2013 07:39
Subject:     Job offer

We are now hiring for a Logistic specialist. If you are responsible, active, easy-going person, looking for a great job opportunity with a stable income, this job will suit you.

About company:
We are a business unit delivering services to European customers. We are a global brand and the world's third largest logistic company. We present virtual addresses for customers from Europe and Asia.

-Constant access to the Internet;
-Possibility in making the photos of the packages;
-Flexible shipping options;
-Readiness working in one team;

-Stay at workplace (home address) from 9 am till 5 pm;
-Receive packages during the working hours;
-Inform your coordinating manager with the photos of received packages;
-Print the shipping label;
-Place the shipping label on the package;
-Deliver parcels to the FedEx facility;
-Report your coordinative manager with the receipt

Your salary will be 1500$ per month (Base Salary), plus 20$ for each parcel you have received (Parcel's Payment). You will get paid Base Salary monthly starting of the day you sign a contract. Parcel's Payment will be paid biweekly.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume by e-mail


This is a basic advanced fee fraud scam. Originating IP appears to be (Spacetel, Benin)  via in Taiwan. Avoid.

From:     Ms Hilder Benson []
Date:     13 November 2013 11:30

I have been mandated by the ministry of finance Benin republic and the ECOWAS court of justice to confirm the information received from the BSIC bank headquarters France and there affiliate payment bank in Benin republic of your death (claims).

Two people in the person of Justin Seaman and Donna Seaman applied for your fund in the bank for the payment of your $4.3musd as your next of kin and the bank came to the ministry of finance and the regional court to record the death certificate they presented for approval and immediate payment.

Confirm affirmative with the bank by email or phone call to the bank contact below:

Phone: 00229 6787 1855
Contact person: BSIC Bank director

You must contact them for clarification within 48 hours or the Ministry of finance and the regional court will approve the death certificate for immediate payment of your fund to the person’s mentions as your next of kin above.


Ms. serah Hilder
Secretary to the ECOWAS court of justice and representative of UN to the ECOWAS

almustapha.kamal spam

A bit brazen..
From:     Kamal Tools []
Date:     13 November 2013 07:58
Subject:     Changing of yahoo messenger....Call me for anyonline working tools on (08163272047) or add me on ya

Kamal is here back in Nigeria all the way from Vietnam. for those who has added me b4,my messanger has been changed and is has been corrected below..You can now contact me with all kind of online working tools such as Worldwide email list,smtp,Webemail,Mailer,Morldwide phone numbers and sms balster,Cpanel,Alibaba,Trojan such as Zeus,Ice9 and Citadel,Online banking, Scampage,Fullz,CC,Rdp and son on....Call me on (08163272047) or add me on yahoo (almustapha.kamal)
Originating IP appears to be (Burlington One, US) via  (XS4ALL, Netherlands). Incidentally, Nigerian prisons are not very nice.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AXALONE spam for

This spam is promoting some Belgian telecoms company and is sent by French spammers AXALONE.

From:     Business exclusif belgacom partner []
To:     "" []
Date:     9 October 2013 13:40
Subject:     Central belgacom VOIP
Téléphonez moins cher !

Téléphoner à moindre coût, ne rater aucun appel, c'est possible grâce à nos nouveaux centraux VOIP
Devis gratuit sur mesure
Installation et mise en route gratuite

Cliquez sur ce lien si cet email ne s'affiche pas correctement

Si vous ne souhaitez plus recevoir de message de notre part, cliquez ici
The spam originates from (COLT, US). Links in the email goes to an adjacent IP address of and use the AXALONE-registered domain of before forwarding to

The following domains also belong to AXALONE and should be considered to be spammy:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

[] Aerospace and Defence Industry Database

I love getting spam trying to punt databases. Why? Because the spammers out themselves as the scum they really are. Here's the latest one:

From:     Andrea []
Date:     4 September 2013 19:06
Subject:     Aerospace and Defence Industry Database
Signed by:


Would you be interested to acquire our Aerospace and Defense Industry Database which can help you in your marketing initiatives, which will support in your long time business growth.
Our list includes complete contact details and verified email addresses of - CEO's, CFO's, Top Decision Makers, EOD Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Defense Ministry, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft/Aviation Manufacturers, Security Managers, Security and Fire System Installers, Consultants, Bomb/Explosive Manufacturers, Bomb Suits Retailers, Bomb Squads, Bomb Detectors, Telecom Retailers, Cameras & Optics Retailers, Explosive Disposers, Fire Alarms, Fire Safety Professionals, Gun Shops, Weapon Retailers, Software Users Lists, Dealers, Retailers and many more across US/UK/Canada, Europe and all over the world.

If you are interested please send me your target audience and geographical area, so that I can give you more information, Counts, Pricing as well as few samples, just for your review.

Target Industry      :  _____________; Target Geography:  ______________; Target Job Title     :  _________________

with this database you can initiate your reach to new businesses and expand you marketing campaigns.


Andrea Parker

Online Marketing Manager

PH : 800 710 7023

If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply as 'leave out'
Bear in mind that this has been sent to an email address scraped off the web, and you can probably guess the quality of the data they are selling.
The spam originates from  (Limestone Networks, US) which also hosts the following "email marketing" (ahem) domains:
The WHOIS details for the domains is at least consistent:
   Adams (
   Fax: +1.5555555555
   21 East 12th St # 2
   New York, P 10005
However, the ZIP code appears to be incorrect, it should be 10003 and not 10005. The address appears to be a parking structure (although I could be wrong on that).
Anyway.. I don't recommend buying from spammers. I certain don't recommend buying email lists from spammers. Avoid.

Monday, June 24, 2013

** Smoking HOT!! Get In FREE Now

Spammer Jim Goodenough is at it again, sending IP is (ThePlanet, US) which also hosts the spamvertised domain on, the WHOIS details being:

    Goodenough, James
    725 N Dobson Road #170
    Chandler, AZ 85224

From:     iGlobal Power Team []
Date:     24 June 2013 20:33
Subject:     ** Smoking HOT!! Get In FREE Now

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