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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

almustapha.kamal spam

A bit brazen..
From:     Kamal Tools []
Date:     13 November 2013 07:58
Subject:     Changing of yahoo messenger....Call me for anyonline working tools on (08163272047) or add me on ya

Kamal is here back in Nigeria all the way from Vietnam. for those who has added me b4,my messanger has been changed and is has been corrected below..You can now contact me with all kind of online working tools such as Worldwide email list,smtp,Webemail,Mailer,Morldwide phone numbers and sms balster,Cpanel,Alibaba,Trojan such as Zeus,Ice9 and Citadel,Online banking, Scampage,Fullz,CC,Rdp and son on....Call me on (08163272047) or add me on yahoo (almustapha.kamal)
Originating IP appears to be (Burlington One, US) via  (XS4ALL, Netherlands). Incidentally, Nigerian prisons are not very nice.

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