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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AXALONE spam for

This spam is promoting some Belgian telecoms company and is sent by French spammers AXALONE.

From:     Business exclusif belgacom partner []
To:     "" []
Date:     9 October 2013 13:40
Subject:     Central belgacom VOIP
Téléphonez moins cher !

Téléphoner à moindre coût, ne rater aucun appel, c'est possible grâce à nos nouveaux centraux VOIP
Devis gratuit sur mesure
Installation et mise en route gratuite

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The spam originates from (COLT, US). Links in the email goes to an adjacent IP address of and use the AXALONE-registered domain of before forwarding to

The following domains also belong to AXALONE and should be considered to be spammy:

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