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Thursday, September 5, 2013

[] Aerospace and Defence Industry Database

I love getting spam trying to punt databases. Why? Because the spammers out themselves as the scum they really are. Here's the latest one:

From:     Andrea []
Date:     4 September 2013 19:06
Subject:     Aerospace and Defence Industry Database
Signed by:


Would you be interested to acquire our Aerospace and Defense Industry Database which can help you in your marketing initiatives, which will support in your long time business growth.
Our list includes complete contact details and verified email addresses of - CEO's, CFO's, Top Decision Makers, EOD Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Defense Ministry, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft/Aviation Manufacturers, Security Managers, Security and Fire System Installers, Consultants, Bomb/Explosive Manufacturers, Bomb Suits Retailers, Bomb Squads, Bomb Detectors, Telecom Retailers, Cameras & Optics Retailers, Explosive Disposers, Fire Alarms, Fire Safety Professionals, Gun Shops, Weapon Retailers, Software Users Lists, Dealers, Retailers and many more across US/UK/Canada, Europe and all over the world.

If you are interested please send me your target audience and geographical area, so that I can give you more information, Counts, Pricing as well as few samples, just for your review.

Target Industry      :  _____________; Target Geography:  ______________; Target Job Title     :  _________________

with this database you can initiate your reach to new businesses and expand you marketing campaigns.


Andrea Parker

Online Marketing Manager

PH : 800 710 7023

If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply as 'leave out'
Bear in mind that this has been sent to an email address scraped off the web, and you can probably guess the quality of the data they are selling.
The spam originates from  (Limestone Networks, US) which also hosts the following "email marketing" (ahem) domains:
The WHOIS details for the domains is at least consistent:
   Adams (
   Fax: +1.5555555555
   21 East 12th St # 2
   New York, P 10005
However, the ZIP code appears to be incorrect, it should be 10003 and not 10005. The address appears to be a parking structure (although I could be wrong on that).
Anyway.. I don't recommend buying from spammers. I certain don't recommend buying email lists from spammers. Avoid.

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