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Monday, June 11, 2012

Good News we have resolved to use our official position\\\

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From: Eloise McDermott <>
Date: 11 June 2012 04:50
Subject: Good News we have resolved to use our official position\\\

From The Desk Of Mr. Eloise Mcdermot
International Dept Settlement.

Attn: Beneficiary,
Re: ATM DEBIT Cash Payment Notification

It is important to inform you of the new development and onward arrangement we have put  in place to ensure a successful and confidential conclusion of this transaction. In view of the official banking process and procedures which made us to suspend your payment to be transferred via ATM card as initially proposed, and due to high monitoring of Terrorist Funding and Money Laundering in the world today assigned by the United States and the International community which always delay international funds remittance.
Therefore, we have resolved to use our official position and connections to sign this fund CASH to OFFSHORE in GERMANY, BELGIUM, SPAIN, CHINA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, USA OR CANADA for CASH PAYMENT to be received by you. This arrangement was concluded after a carefully and confidential discussion at the PRESIDENCY to use the office of presidential delivery agents, who has accepted to use their office as a means of transporting the cash (consignment) to where you will be expected to go and claim the funds as you will be directed and assisted.

With regards to the successful and accepted agreement reached between us and the presidential delivery agents who has agreed to use their Diplomatic Immunity for a FEE to transport the consignment to our agreed destination GERMANY, BELGIUM, SPAIN, CHINA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, OR CANADA .As a presidential delivery agent their immunity grants them the RIGHT of transporting the presidential effect through the AIRPORT or any BOARDER POST without passing through the security checks. We are glad for this new development as it is safe and convenient and most importantly confidential, hence it may not pass through different official process of signing and approval.

However; under this arrangement, the presidential delivery agent does not know the exact contents of the consignments, they only knows the contents as GIFT ITEMS AND COMPANY DOCUMENTS which belongs to you. (AS WE HAVE EXPLAINED TO THE PRESIDENCY. THIS IS FOR SECURITY REASONS) In respect to the above arrangement, you are requested to tell us as soon as possible; the better and conducive country to go among the giving countries, including DUBAI and INDIA; to claim the consignment and deposit in your bank account.
Therefore, by this opportunity you are required to inform me of your schedule and readiness to go to any of the above giving countries as to conclude this transaction as soon as possible. SPECIFY YOUR COMFORTABLE COUNTRY to pick up the fund; so that every necessary document concerning the consignment will be send to you immediately. If you have any questions on this arrangement, do not hesitate to ask me.

Your urgent anticipation will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Eloise Mcdermott,

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