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Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Rough translation:

Denmark's vision master Leo Angart vision training 2012
Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung each class the start of the course enrollment.

Visual training naturopathy www. Vision. Tw in 2012 courses for enrollment in, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of around student co Recommended new class courses have been started to enroll students in April and May.

The Center will be held in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung experience Ban course, the field will be many years of experience in promotion of lecturers and professors simple exercises can increase the energy of the whole of the eye, you spot benefited. Seats are limited and can only put 30 guests, please seize the opportunity to register early to avoid even.

Vision training experience class allows you and your child in the short span of two hours:

(1) Review the physical structure of the eye
(2) to understand the theoretical background of the vision of training courses
(3) to experience how natural therapies to improve visual acuity
4 Learn how to eliminate the common diseases of the eye myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia
5 Learning the proper use of eye
6. Know how to teach children to protect the eyes
7 yourself and your family's eye problems and answered on the spot

If you have any questions, please visit the website or call (02) 2728-2398 hand to help you serve


From: 視力訓練中心
Date: 3 May 2012 04:22
Subject: 掃Down惡視力、把Eye找回來

丹麥的視力大師Leo Angart視力訓練 2012
台北、台中、高雄地區 各班課程開始招生中!

視力訓練自然療法 www.視力.tw 2012年課程持續招生中,感謝各地學員的熱烈參與合推薦,4、5月份新班課程已開始招生中。

本中心將陸續舉辦台北、台中、高雄體驗班課程,現場將由多年經驗之 推廣講師主講並敎授簡易練習,可以增加眼睛整體的能量,讓你當場就受益良多。由於座位有限,只能容下30位來賓,敬請把握機會提早報名,以免向偶。


1. 複習眼睛的生理結構
2. 瞭解視力訓練課程的理論背景
3. 親身體驗如何以自然療法,改善視力
4. 瞭解如何消除近視、散光和老花等常見眼疾
5. 學習如何正確使用眼睛
6. 知道如何教導孩子保護眼睛
7. 提出你自己和家人的眼睛問題並當場得到解答

若有任何問題,請上 網站 或 來電 (02)2728-2398 專人幫您服務

徐恒功 博士
現職: 歐格利健康事業 董事長
學歷: 台大電機、政大企研碩/博士
經歷 ﹕百略醫學科技 營運長
研華科技 歐洲總經理
岱凱通訊(Datacraft) 總經理
迪吉多/華光 全球總部產品經理

張瓊嬪 講師
現職: 歐格利健康事業 總經理

台北體驗班: 5/7、5/21(一) 下午 19:30 ~21:30
( 地點 :台北市忠孝東路五段482號11樓)
台中體驗班: 5/11(五) 下午19:30 ~ 21:30
( 地點:台中市五權西路二段666號14樓之四 快樂列車協會)
高雄體驗班: 5/29(六) 下午 15 :00 ~ 17:00


更多資料歡迎上網 www.視力.tw
● 電洽:(02) 2798-2398
● 若有任何疑問您可電話洽詢或來信寄到

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