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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Advanced fee fraud. You know the drill..

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: mrs flora zogo <>
Date: 4 December 2012 20:11


With sincerity, we apologies for the delay of your package that that was labelled African Treasures in our departments,as various has destroyed alot of our files and most of the direction documents are lost.Please kindly note that you are to reconfirm your full details such as telephone numbers, address full name and nearest airport, so that our outstanding diplomatic agent will convey them next week to your nearest airport were you can pick then up. Moreso note that we will no longer be held liable for any loose of the boxes or package, as we have receive a sound warning from the United Nation Officials for the less privilege .

Inheritance and winnings packages that has been delayed by our departments so you are to solemnly cooperate otherwise the reports will be send back to them. we have in this packages ,ATM Card, Checks, consignment boxes, that are believed to be cash, for different individuals from different countries. I think it also contains sealed u.s funds but not declared, so they package is Well registered as African Treasures for you.please check our website, i wait a warn reply please reply via {}

It is recommended to fill in the details below . 

Full name :______________________
Address :____________________
Mobile Phone Number :________________
Nearest Airport:_______________
Country :____________________
Occupation :__________________
Age :______________________________

Dr/Mrs.Flora Zogo

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