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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Insuring your car is just a click away

Would you trust a spammer with you car insurance? I thought not..  originating IP is (OVH, France) and spamvertised domain is on (also OVH, France).

From: Policy Boss
Date: 4 December 2012 07:32
Subject: Insuring your car is just a click away
Signed by:

Insuring your car is just a click away
You have worked hard and purchased a car. And we know you love your car very much. And we also know if someone were to scratch your car or bump it, you would get really upset!

But helps at hand! You can chose between our variety of online car insurance schemes and secure your car's life right away. So what if your car is allready insured! No sweat! You allways have the flexibilty to switch for a better rate! Click here
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