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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saw your iWOWWE site..Would like to join!!

We had some spam from  an iWOWWE affiliate a while back. I think the spammer may have been terminated as there has been none since. This email is kinda puzzling though, as it indicates that iWOWWE is some sort of MLM. It looks some sort of business that seems to concentrate more on recruiting downline members than selling an actual product, which is some sort of video-by-email thing.

So this spam seems to be about recruiting downlines. It comes via [] but actually originates from It's no surprise to find that this is an email address in Orlando, Florida, a state that seems to derive a great deal of business from scams and spam.

Let's look at more closely. It's a Windstream Nuvox IP suballocated to:


It looks like the spammers are on holiday though, because "Phil & Bev Collins" don't seem to exist. The real owner of seems to be Greg Drake of Colorado, who sent this previous spam. Well.. that might be their real name because in that case the domains they were spamvertising were and with inconsistent WHOIS details:

      Elletson, Gene
      9674 E. Arapahoe Rd. #120
      Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112
      United States
      +1.8885701039      Fax -- +1.8885701039


   Administrative Contact:
      Perry, Gene
      9674 E. Arapahoe Rd. #120
      Greenwood Village, Colorado 80112
      United States
      +1.8885701039      Fax -- +1.8885701039

Gene Perry? Gene Elletson?

We can do a bit of research on the 303-385-3010 number in the previous spam.. and voila, a spammy MLM page at which contains the text "LNP Success - 303-385-3010 -". So, 303-385-3010 does seem to tie up with the name "Gene Perry" of Greenwood Village, Colorado.

The thing is.. we've had several other spammy emails from this crew as well, all with the IP address in Florida. So perhaps, this crew is based in both Orlando and Colorado. Nonetheless, it's spam and should be ignored..

From: Phil & Bev Collins via
Date: 8 October 2012 20:05
Subject: Saw your iWOWWE site..Would like to join!!
Signed by:

Hello again...
(We saw your info online a while back)
How's your iWOWWE business going?

Please send us your ~"Cell Phone"~ number
so that we can communicate further...

Looking forward to joining iWowWe and
building a huge team under you!!

Thanks Again
Phil & Bev Collins



  2. Same thing here, I'm from Lifevantage Protandim.

  3. I just got an email from them too. I am with Shaklee.

  4. I got one today:

    Hello Again..
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