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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Business Opportunity in Fast Food segment (Burger & Fried Chicken)

This spam is about burgers. Perhaps not spamburgers, but probably the type that end up giving you the shits for three days or maybe a trip to the hospital.

The spamvertised domains are on (Hostwinds LLC, US) and on (eCommerce LLC, US). The spam originates from (Hostwinds again).

The spammer's IP address is suballocated to:
network:ID:Hostwinds Block-
network:IP-Network-Block: -
network:Customer Organization:Shweta Verma
network:Customer Address;I:B11/12, Main Chwok
network:Customer City;I:ND
network:Customer State/Province;I:Delhi
network:Customer Postal Code;I:110018
network:Customer Country Code;I:IN
The IPs are divided into /32 blocks which seems to be a tactic used to help counter blacklists.

From:     FastFood Franchise []
Date:     21 May 2013 07:09
Subject:     Business Opportunity in Fast Food segment (Burger & Fried Chicken)

Burger & Fried Chicken Brand

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Franchisee Opportunity* All Over India

Exciting business opportunity with an Mumbai based brand in burgers and fried chicken segment.

This is great opportunity to be part of fast growing and attractive margin industry.

 Promoters of the brand have over 10 years of experience.
Investment in Kiosk and Take Away format is in the range of Rs.10-11 lacs.

Investment for stand alone(Restaurant) format is in the range of Rs.15-16lacs

Products Being Offerred

Burgers(veg/non-veg), wraps, nuggets, fried chicken and others.
There are exciting combo offers for target customer segment
To know more about this business opportunity, please call or mail (with contact number) at the mentioned number/e-mail id.

* Terms & Conditions applied

     Contact Details

Mobile Number: 9819652839 email id
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